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About Dr. Sam
About Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam Von Reiche, Psy. D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and success coach whose upbeat, out-of-the-box approach has inspired thousands to take their lives to a new level. She is regularly featured as a media expert on TV and radio, as well as acclaimed blogs such as The Huffington Post. With over 20 years experience as a clinician in private practice, Dr. Sam’s areas of specialty include addiction recovery, relationship counseling, mood issues and ADD. Dr. Sam has devoted her career to helping people feel happier, healthier and more successful.

As a Magna cum Laude graduate of Princeton University, Dr. Sam earned High Honors in Psychology, as well as ranking at the top of her Princeton graduating class. She earned her Doctorate in Psychology with Honors from the Graduate School of Psychology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

What makes Dr. Sam a true standout in the field of psychology are the personal qualities for which she is appreciated by her clients: her charisma, quick wit and deep sense of caring. In an ultra -conservative field where psychologists are trained to remain detached and anonymous, Dr. Sam reaches into the hearts of her clients with a very personal “been there done that myself” approach. In fact, her own story of struggle, transformation and triumph form the basis of her successful treatment model, as well as the extraordinary life she’s grateful to live today.

Her Unique Approach
The “Dr. Sam Difference” focuses on a results-driven approach to psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and couples. Her strategy is based on the concept that people actually create their lives with their own thoughts and perceptions. This includes negative experiences they believe ‘happen to them’. Through the use of actionable strategies and techniques, clients learn to identify their limiting beliefs and to replace them with empowering ones to achieve their life goals.

The Principles
You Create Your Own Life So Own It—How and what you think and the feelings that result from your thoughts create the circumstances of your life. Take 100% responsibility.
You Get What You Expect, Not What You Deserve—You may be a great person, but if you continue to interpret circumstances very negatively, negative things will continue to happen.
Forgiveness Is For The Forgiver—Forgiveness frees us from the ball and chain of past pain, even when we’ve been abused. It connects us with the rest of humanity because we’ve all made some big mistakes and we’ve all wanted a second chance.
Now Is All There Is The present moment is all we have. Time to stop regretting the past and to stop blaming your parents, your ex and others for your life. Worry is projection about the future, which hasn’t happened yet.
Crisis is Opportunity—Frame negative experience by looking at and learning the life lessons therein.
Therapy Is Not a Gripe Session: The traditional emphasis on getting bad feelings off our chest in the hopes of getting better simply leads to more bad feelings.
Therapy Is a Relationship: Practically everyone has found themselves profoundly frustrated by one of those therapists whose only feedback is the proverbial “How do you feel about that?”. People want and need real answers, and an interactive relationship with a real person who offers useful advice and actionable suggestions
Mind Your Words: The words we use heavily influence the thoughts we think and the feelings we feel. The words “I’ll try” e.g., lead to failure. The words “I intend…” lead to empowered action. Words can likewise minimize negative mood states and amplify positive ones.
All The Answers Are Already Inside You: Deep breathing, meditation and affirmations are used to access intuition and bring clients purpose, creativity and joy.
Happiness Is a Lifestyle: If you expect to be happy but eat garbage, never move anywhere but from couch to fridge and back, spend most of your time with people who feed on drama, ten years of counseling or coaching won’t help you. Elements such as exercise, nutrition (for you and your brain) and a healthy support network are critical for mental wellness.

Dr. Sam’s Areas of Expertise
  • Marriage and Relationship Counseling
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery
  • Food Addiction Recovery
  • Depression and Chronic Unhappiness
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Success Coaching

Dr. Sam is a Magna cum Laude graduate of Princeton University. She earned High Honors in Psychology, as well as ranking at the top of her Princeton graduating class. Dr. Sam earned her Doctorate in Psychology with Honors from the Graduate School of Psychology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

In The Media
As a TV and media expert, Dr. Sam has been featured on NBC, Fox Good Day New York, The Huffpost Live, Celebuzz! TV, Sirius XM Radio, RadioMD, The Huffington Post,,, SheKnows.Com and TV and media producers and audiences applaud her relatable and passionate style.

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