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Client Friendly Office

Consistent with both my counseling philosophy and personality, every element of the Office experience is designed to be client friendly.

Stress Free and Caring:  My small office staff is warm, caring, and actually committed to the mission of helping people.  Office Manager Dawn King will do whatever it takes to make your experience as a client in my office an unusually pleasant one.

A Real Person To Answer Your Calls:  Decidedly different from most psychotherapy offices, a real person actually answers the phone during regular business hours 8am-5pm instead of an automated system.  And that real person will know your name and make you feel welcome when you come through the door.  It’s truly enjoyable for me to walk into my waiting room and spot Marie sitting out there chatting away for a few minutes with one of my clients.  She and Lisa care about every person we work with and it shows. 

We Take The Hassle Out of Insurance:  Your billing will be handled by my office so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of insurance companies, authorizations or superbills.  Each visit is billed the day after it occurs so that you will be reimbursed in a timely fashion.  If there is an issue with reimbursement, my staff won’t simply tell you to “call your insurance company”.  Instead, we will resolve the problem for you.  We keep your credit card on file, so that you won’t have to worry about remembering to write a check.  If you need to change your appointment, we will make that easy, too.

A Comfortable and Attractive Office:  My office suite is comfortable and tasteful at the same time.  Clients often comment on the beautiful view from every window.  When I have personally walked into a professional office that was ugly or cluttered or dirty, it dampened my experience, so I assume you care very much about the atmosphere, too.


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