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What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with two kinds of clients:

Counseling clients are those facing a significant mental health challenge, and experiencing acute distress usually reflected by some kind of symptom like depression or anxiety.  This also includes the ADD/ADHD client with neurobiological issues.  Most of these people have been involved in counseling before, but are now looking for something more solution focused and interactive.

Coaching clients seek guidance because they are  feeling stuck rather than symptomatic. Suitable coaching clients are looking to achieve certain life goals, experience rapid personal growth, and feel more purpose and passion in their lives.  Because coaching is very concrete and goal oriented, it is a model which is also regularly used with addiction recovery and ADD/ADHD clients where the objectives are performance and quality of life oriented.

How long are sessions and for how often should I expect to come?

A typical session is 45 minutes, but sometimes clients choose either longer or shorter sessions depending on their processing style.  People usually attend weekly in the beginning, in order to see quick results, but if you are in a crisis or extreme distress, you may come twice a week until you have more of a handle on your situation. We will reduce the frequency as soon as progress is being increasingly sustained and you are feeling better. You can expect our appointments to be highly interactive and goal oriented, so that you get the reassuring sense of clear direction and momentum. I often give “homework” between sessions as well, in order to help you accelerate progress. Examples of homework include reading a relevant chapter of a book, trying out new communication skills, or practicing a visualization exercise.

Do you offer webcam and phone sessions?

I offer counseling and coaching sessions in a convenient and flexible format to meet your needs, rather than requiring that you come to my office every time. Clients are often surprised how comfortable they feel participating in webcam sessions through Skype, Facetime or G-Chat, and there are some people I work with exclusively through webcam.  I do telephone work with some clients also, if they don’t have computer access or don’t want a face-to-face session.

What if I want to go on medication?

If you already know you want to try medication, or  it would be highly beneficial for you given the severity of your symptoms, I can refer you to one of several psychiatrists who have excellent skills and a warm “bedside manner”. Depending on the circumstances, I can also work with your primary doctor to decide on the best medication and dosage for you.

Do You Work With My Insurance?

I am an an out of network provider for all insurances–which means that you will need to have an out of network mental health benefit in order to get reimbursement for my services. There is usually an out of network deductible that must be met for each calendar year before your insurance will begin reimbursing you for your sessions.  The most common reimbursement rates for out of network providers is 70%, but yours may be more or less.  My office will verify your specific insurance benefits for you so that you know exactly what to expect.

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