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Stephanie Shapiro, MSW

Stephanie Shapiro

Stephanie has an MSW in clinical social work. She is equally skilled helping children age six and older, teens aw well as adults. Her emphasis is building a strong set of coping skills to succeed with anxiety, depression, other mood issues, and OCD, Since her very first psychology class as an undergrad, Stephanie knew that psychotherapy was her calling. She comments, ” I’m happy and grateful to have found a career that I am truly passionate about.” Graduating from Montclair State University with a BA in psychology, she went on to earn her MSW from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work. She is now completing her dissertation to earn a PH.D. in psychology.

Stephanie is also very proud to have contributed to major advancements in the mental health field. She was directly involved in developing the Diagnostic and Symptom Calculator [DSC], which has revolutionized the way accurate diagnoses are established around the world.

For Stephanie, every client’s needs and aspirations are unique, and deserve the utmost individual attention to help them reach their goals. She states “I am very confident that together you and I can reduce your stressors and design a personalized treatment program to maximize your strengths, reduce your stress, and deal effectively with your challenges I will guide you to regain a sense of control over your life, and to feel inspired about living it.”

Stephanie is blessed with 3 great children, and a wonderful spouse of 10 years. In each of the roles she has as a wife, mother and therapist, she is guided by very strong moral values. Stephanie takes pride in teaching her family the importance of ‘giving back’ to others, and volunteers her time at her children’s school. She also loves to cook and travel.