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Life Coaching

Life coaching is a process which allows you to identify and work towards specific life goals with the guidance of a professional.  It is primarily related to promoting wellness and personal growth as opposed to remedying and healing mental health symptoms.  This difference distinguishes coaching from psychotherapy.  Life coaching is a great approach for you if you feel “stuck” and unable to achieve an important objective.  It is not normally meant for individuals who are currently feeling major “emotional distress” or problems functioning in some basic area of life. .

Similar to the psychotherapy I practice, my “Success for Life Coaching” model is generally short term, structured, and solution oriented. A coaching client is expected to do homework in between sessions.  Because life coaching is not a treatment for a diagnosable mental health disorder, it is not covered by health insurance.  It is generally conducted by phone or webcam, ( as mentioned earlier, a high percentage of my sessions are conducted on Skype) so this allows busy clients tremendous scheduling flexibility.  People can even have coaching sessions in their offices on a lunch hour! While there is a gamut of excellent certified coaches throughout the country, life coaches do not need to have a mental health degree of any kind, or even a background in this arena.  Increasingly, however, as the field of coaching expands, psychologists and other mental health professionals are becoming certified to add coaching to the array of helping services they offer.

Success For Life Coaching was a natural addition to my practice.  First, it parallels my therapeutic approach as a psychologist, which is interactive and solution focused.  Second, I have had some amazing experiences as a coaching client myself.;  the process allowed me to clarify and pursue career goals outside of the mental health arena with guidance of a knowledgeable and inspiring mentor.  It was one of the best experiences of my life both personally and professionally!

Several areas where you can benefit from coaching are:

  • Changing careers and starting a successful business you love
  • Work life balance
  • Weight loss and fitness
  • Spiritual growth and life satisfaction
  • Relationship growth
  • Channeling creativity
  • Advancing addiction recovery
  • Organizing and prioritizing your life

The “Success For Life Coaching” model is so named to capture the level of  directed positive expectation inspired by the relationship I have with my clients.  This amazing process doesn’t just get them from A to B, but propels them into the stratosphere of inspired imagination, to loosely quote Albert Einstein. People actually feel more alive as they confront and transcend the limiting beliefs that bind them to less than they are truly meant to be!

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