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Dr. Sam & Associates Are Unique Montclair Therapists With A Unique Approach To Psychology And Counseling!

If you live in the Montclair, New Jersey, area and find yourself in need of a trained psychologist to help

you deal with the issues in your life, you should give Dr. Sam & Associates a call.

If you have tried therapy in the past and found that it didn’t quite offer you the type of help that you

were searching for, Dr. Sam Von Reiche’s innovative approach can make all the difference between

continuing to suffer and enjoying renewed mental health and recovery.

Montclair is a township with almost 40,000 residents, and each of them is completely unique from one

another. YOU are unique in this world, and you need therapy that isn’t doled out in a “cookie-cutter”

format where “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t fit YOU, at all.

What makes Dr. Sam different?

Virtually every other psychologist or therapist on the planet takes a passive, clinical approach with their

patients. Typically, they sit back, detached (and seemingly disinterested) while doing little more than

listening, nodding, and asking the person in pain, “How do you feel about that?”

At Dr. Sam & Associates, one of the core beliefs is that a patient can be best helped when they are able

to connect “one-on-one” with a therapist who is a fellow “real” human being – a human being whose

goal is to inspire and guide patients on their journey of healthy recovery.

Best of all, by focusing on obtaining real solutions – not just endless talking sessions – Dr. Sam and her

associates use a comprehensive mind/body/spirit approach that will actually have you feeling better in a

fraction of the time needed by other therapy models.

Some of the therapeutic approaches used to promote positive personal change include –

 Real guidance from your therapist that focuses on solutions to your problems

 Replacing bad feelings with good thoughts by practicing positive daily affirmations

 An evaluation for an underlying causal hormonal imbalance

 Neural feedback; i.e., “brain-training”

 Acupuncture

 Yoga

 Meditation

 Recommendations for needed vitamins and nutritional supplements

 Recognition of the spiritual aspect of recovery

By taking a “more is more” multi-strategy approach to healing, the positive impact is stronger, and the

result is “less is more” – less time spent in therapy, with more positive change.

Some of the personal issues that Dr. Sam & Associates can help you with include –

 Addiction and co-occurring disorders

Dr. Sam & Associates will help you recognize how your life has become unmanageable due to a

compulsive behavior, help you achieve abstinence by substituting healthy behaviors, and

provide you with supportive accountability as you enjoy sobriety one day at a time.

 Adult Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

If you have an inability to focus on important tasks or a proclivity to engage in high-risk

activities, you may be one of the more than 6% of Americans who suffer from this neurological


Dr. Sam & Associates treats ADD/ADHD with a combination of coping strategies and natural

supplements. If there are any other co-occurring disorders, those will be treated as well.

 Anxiety

If you have uncontrollable recurring feelings of worry, dread, apprehension, or fear, you are not

alone. Anxiety affects approximately 40 million Americans, making it the second-most diagnosed

psychological conditions in the country. It can manifest itself as OCD, social anxiety, or even

panic attacks.

Dr. Sam & Associates combats anxiety with a combination of intensive short-term

psychotherapy, nutritional supplements, exercise, and activities designed to reduce stress. This

targeted approach is designed to lessen the anxiety felt within three sessions – sometimes, after

the very first visit.

 Bipolar Disorder

Characterized by intense euphoric “highs”, manic hyperactivity, irritability, extreme mood

swings, disrupted sleeping patterns, and crushing “lows”, bipolar disorder can sometime

interfere with an individual’s ability to function normally.

Dr. Sam & Associates treats this chemical imbalance with mood-stabilizing medications and

psychotherapy aimed at aiding in the development of regular daily routines and sleeping

schedules, which in turn can give protection against manic/depressive episodes.

 Depression

At some point in their lifetime, one in five Americans experience the symptoms of depression –

irritability, a loss of interest in formally-pleasurable activities, difficulties and sleeping, feelings

of worthlessness, and at its worst, thoughts of death or suicide.

In addition to the commonly-used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Sam & Associates goes one

step further by teaching you how to substitute negative, self-defeating thoughts with positive

realizations that will inspire you.

 Couples Therapy

There are a number of factors that can put stress on a relationship – children (birth, starting

school, graduating and going off to college), personal behavioral issues (infidelity, addiction), life

changes (new job, retirement), and health concerns (chronic illness, aging parents), just to name

a few. These added stressors can create unhealthy and unproductive patterns of conflict.

Dr. Sam & Associates works with couples (and even individuals) to find better ways of

communicating and more effective means of dealing with the stresses of life.

 Life Coaching

When you do not have an appreciable psychological disorder but instead feel “stuck” at a

particular level in life and unable to achieve your goals, Life Coaching can be a structured, short-

term means of focusing one’s energies and abilities on measurable and practical positive


Whether you are trying to lose weight, organize your life, succeed in your own business, or

simply grow as a person, Dr. Sam & Associates can work with you on a flexible schedule that will

boost your confidence and maximize your chances of success.

Doctor Sam’s singular multi-faceted approach to psychotherapy and counseling has been proven to

result in rapid improvement over the course of just a few sessions. If you are ready to feel better, get in

touch with us today!

If You Are Ready To End Your Struggles Through Marriage Counseling, Addiction Therapy, ADD or ADHD Treatment, Depression Options Or More, We Are Here To Listen And Actively Help.

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