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Dr. Sam & Associates Are Unique Paramus NJ Therapists With A Unique Approach To Counseling And Psychology!

In 2013, the township of Paramus, NJ, was designated as a “New Jersey Healthy Town”, as determined

by the State’s Mayor’s Wellness Campaign. Because optimum mind/body health is achieved when the

needs of both are regularly addressed, Dr. Sam Von Reiche, Psy. D., is pleased to offer her unique

approach to psychotherapy and counseling to the residents of Paramus and all of Bergen County.

Paramus is inhabited by just over 26,000 residents, and every one of them has their own issues and

problems that they face on a daily basis. If YOU have personal issues that are disrupting your life, you

probably already recognize that you need help. You may have even tried therapy before, but found that

somehow, it just didn’t work for you.

That’s no surprise. Far too many psychologists and therapists use an outdated therapy model that is too

rigid and inflexible to help with many of today’s challenges. Dr. Sam & Associates has developed a

unique, multi-faceted approach that squarely addresses mental disorders and focuses on helping

patients feel and live better NOW!

Dr. Sam & Associates specializes in helping people deal with many common psychological problems,


 Depression

 Anxiety

 Addiction

 Feelings of worthlessness

 Loss of interest in once-enjoyable activities or hobbies

 Irritability

 Trouble sleeping

 Thoughts of suicide or death

 Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Excessive or constant feelings of fear, worry, and dread

 Social Anxiety Disorder – Unreasonable self-consciousness and fear of social situations

 Panic Disorder – Disproportionate fear of a situation that manifests itself physically

 Difficulty Breathing/Sensation of Choking or Smothering

 Chest Pain/Racing Heartbeat

 Dizziness

 Nausea

 Compulsive behavior that interferes with other areas of life

 Alcoholism

 Drug Addiction

 Gambling

 Overeating

 Sexual Addiction

 Smoking


 Difficulty Concentrating/Inability to Pay Attention

 Loss of Focus

 Poor Attention to Detail

 Difficulty in Remembering Conversations or Following Simple Instructions

 Extreme Disorganization

 Chronic Tardiness/Procrastination

 Tendency to Forget Commitments and Appointments

 Lack of Self-Control

 Reckless/Risky Behavior

 Hyperactivity/Restlessness

 Tendency to Fidget Constantly

 Hyperfocus/”Zoning In” On Tasks to the Point of Being Oblivious to All Else

 Bi-Polar Disorder

Manic Stage:

 Persistent Abnormally-Elevated or Expansive Mood Lasting More Than a Week

 Abnormal Energy or Goal-Setting

 Extreme Irritability

 Exaggerated Self-Esteem

 Talkativeness

 Decreased Need for Sleep

 Acting without Regard to Consequences

Depressive Stage:

 Near-Constant Depresses Mood – feelings of emptiness or hopelessness, crying jags

 Loss of Ability to Feel Pleasure

 Loss of Interest in Daily Activities and Hobbies

 Change in Appetite/Weight Loss

 Changes in Sleeping Pattern – Insomnia or Excessive Sleeping

 Chronic Fatigue

 Inability to Concentrate, Indecisiveness

 Feelings of Personal Worthlessness/Excessive Feelings of Guilt

 Persistent Thoughts of Suicide or Death

 Couples Therapy

 Lack of Communication

 Poor Coping Skills

 Increased Conflicts

 Not “Fighting Fairly”

 Infidelity

 Feelings of Being Overwhelmed by Major Life Changes – children, Empty Nest

Syndrome, retirement, changes in income or health

 Resentment

 Low Self-Esteem

 Life Coaching

 Feelings of Inadequacy

 A Sensation of Being “Stuck” in an Unwanted Station in Life

 Inability to Set and Achieve Goals

 Desire to Maximize One’s Potential

Dr. Sam & Associates makes it convenient for you to get the help you need in so you can live the life you

want. The central location is in Clifton, New Jersey, but we also have facilities serving all of Passaic,

Essex, Bergen, Hudson, and Morris counties.

Because your time is precious and your speedy recovery is important, Dr. Sam & Associates also offers

“virtual” psychotherapy and coaching services via FaceTime, Skype, and G-Chat. Wherever you are in the

world, we can help you feel better.

Whether You Need Couples Counseling, Addiction Treatment, Life Coaching, Depression Options Or More, We Are Here To Listen And Actively Help.

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