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Dr. Sam & Associates Are Unique Ridgewood Therapists With A Unique Approach To Psychotherapy And Counseling!


One of Coach Lombardi’s most famous quotes is –

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”

If the circumstances of your life have knocked you down, or simply feel more challenging than you can

handle alone, call Ridgewood New Jersey psychologist Dr. Sam Von Reiche, Psy. D.  With more than 20

years of experience helping clients handle life’s most pressing problems. Dr. Sam has created a

treatment model unlike any you will find elsewhere.

The biggest difference of Dr. Sam’s model is it’s focus on real results, not just endless talk about your

problems.  Years of unproductive therapy are a thing of the past when you see Dr. Sam or any one of her

highly trained and caring therapists.

At any of their 4 New Jersey locations, Dr. Sam & Associates will help you feel better faster. The typical

length of therapy is only 10 sessions — sometimes, even less.  Furthermore, the therapy process is not

only rapid and solution focused, it is an uplifting, good feeling experience.  There is no reason to leave a

therapy session feeling drained and upset.  Their clients actually look forward to coming, and feel very

comfortable in the warm beautiful surroundings of their offices.

Dr. Sam & Associates specializes in unique, multi-faceted treatment for the following disorders:

Addiction – Once you are ready to admit that your life has become unmanageable due to addictive

behavior, such as painkillers or overeating, Dr. Sam & Associates will help you achieve abstinence by

teaching you how to substitute healthy behaviors for self-destructive ones.  They will provide you with

supportive accountability as you achieve and maintain  sobriety one day at a time.

Your therapist will address any co-occurring disorders with you, as well, such as mood disorders, anxiety,

bipolar and adult ADD.

Depression – The main symptoms of this disorder include not only sadness, but irritability, decreased

interest in activities previously enjoyed or valued,  loss of, or increased appetite, sleep problems, and

feelings of worthlessness.  At its worst, thoughts of suicide, self-harming behavior or suicidal acts can


In addition to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- Dr. Sam & Associates will guide you as to how to

replace negative, self-defeating thoughts with more positive thoughts that generate more positive

feelings from which you can draw inspiration and self-confidence.

Anxiety –If you have persistent feelings of worry or fear, you are not alone. Anxiety affects nearly 40

million Americans, making it the 2nd-most diagnosed behavioral disorder in the country. It can take the

form of OCD, social anxiety, general worry about a list of things that never seems to end,  or even panic


Dr. Sam & Associates treats anxiety with a mixture of intensive short-term psychotherapy, natural

supplements, exercise, and stress-reduction techniques. This focused approach is intended to produce

improvement  within as few as two sessions – sometimes, after the very first visit one.

Adult ADD/ADHD – Dr. Sam & Associates helps to identify if ADD/ADHD is causing much of your life

struggle.  They help a client regain focus and productivity with effective ADD life skills and coping

strategies as well as nutritional supplements . You will learn how to manage your time,  and  use your

ADD/ADHD in creative ways to your own advantage. Other potential treatment options include

neurofeedback/brain training  to increase your attention span and reduce your impulsiveness.

Bipolar Disorder –With its dizzying “highs”, frenetic hyperactivity and impulsivity,  the dramatic mood

swings, sleep disturbances, and frequent “lows”, bipolar disorder  can make normal life impossible. Dr.

Sam & Associates takes bipolar disorder head on with mood-stabilizing supplements and psychotherapy

focused on managing major stress triggers.  Creating a healthy lifestyle is critical to managing bipolar

disorder, especially maintaining regular sleeping patterns.

Couples Therapy – Many factors put inordinate stress on a marriage or intimate relationship – children

(birth, starting kindergarten, empty nest syndrome), personal issues (affairs, addictions), life changes

(income changes, retirement), and health concerns (aging, newly-diagnosed health problems), just to

name a few. These added stresses often create seemingly-unending patterns of conflict.

Dr. Sam and her associates help couples get to the root of the problems and find solutions fast.  People

rapidly develop good communication skills through practice in session and at home.  They are then able

to tackle and resolve their differences most effectively.

Life Coaching – Many people just feel stuck in some area of their life that can benefit from professional

help.  They don’t have a mental health issue, per se,  but could still use focused professional help.

Maybe you feel stuck in a dead-end career. Maybe you feel stagnant in your personal growth. Perhaps

you have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight over and over again. If you feel unfulfilled in some

important area of your life, Dr. Sam & Associates can help you.

By focusing on your most important goals in the coaching process , you will learn to get out of your own

way. You will be much more productive as you learn how to become better organized and/or more

balanced in relation to your career and personal life.  Or perhaps your objective is to jump-start a new

business or creative endeavor.

In addition to face-to-face coaching sessions, you can also take advantage of today’s technology with

“virtual” coaching sessions via Skype, Google Chat, or FaceTime!  That’s right, you can now improve your

life drastically from your laptop, tablet or phone!

We all aspire to be our best selves.  Most of us can use professional guidance to get there.  If you or a

loved one need honest and professional assistance, especially if you have tried in the past and failed,

please don’t wait any longer. Dr. Sam & Associates use a unique approach proven to get results and feel

good about the process along the way. You get real help from a real connection with a real person who

is offering real solutions.

Call or email Dr. Sam & Associates today, and start living the life you were always meant to have!

Feel better now.  Be better for Life!

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Whether You Need Couples Counseling, Addiction Treatment, ADHD, Depression Treatment Or More, We Are Here To Listen And Actively Help.