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Dr. Sam & Associates Are Unique Wayne NJ Therapists With A Unique Approach To Counseling And Psychology!

Post-World War II Wayne, New Jersey was a very different place than it is today. In 1950, there were

less than 12,000 residents, and today, there are over 55,000. What used to be a sleepy little hamlet is

now a busy, thriving township, the third-largest in Passaic County.

Even though Wayne isn’t in New York, it is close enough to midtown Manhattan to feel the pull of the

constant hustle and bustle. Even Wayne’s ZIP code is a palindrome – 07470 – which seems to indicate

that even the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t know if it’s coming or going in Wayne.

If the stresses and personal issues in YOUR life make you feel like you don’t know where you’re going or

how you got here, maybe you should talk to Dr. Sam Von Reiche, Psy. D., of Dr. Sam & Associates.

Dr. Sam is a Magna cum Laude graduate who ranked at the top of her class at Princeton, and who went

on to earn her Doctorate in Psychology with Honors from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Now

she has over 20 years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist and Life Coach.

Using a unique treatment model that she developed herself over the years, Dr. Sam uses a result-driven

approach to psychotherapy, with a core ideal that people create their own lives by virtue of their own

thoughts and perceptions about both themselves and the world around them.

In essence, that means that if your thoughts created the life you are living, then it stands to reason that

if you can improve your way of thinking – about yourself, about others, and about your circumstances –

then you can improve your entire life.

With multiple convenient locations throughout New Jersey and extending into Manhattan, Dr. Sam &

Associates offers something different than can be found in the offices of other psychologists, analysts, or

therapists. The multi–faceted treatment plan used is designed to get you the help you need and have

you feeling better about yourself in fewer visits.

In fact, the length of therapy is almost always 10 sessions or less. The professionals at Dr. Sam &

Associates do not believe in the sort of detached, disinterested, year-in-and-out therapy model favored

by so many other psychologists.

Dr. Sam’s specialties and singular treatment programs include:

Anxiety – Treated with a combination of short-term psychotherapy, exercise, stress-reducing activities,

and nutritional supplements. Referrals for medications are made only when other strategies aren’t as

successful as they could be.

Depression – Individually-tailored Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT) and instruction in how to

exchange bad feelings for positive thoughts in order to affect positive change.

Addiction & Co-Occurring Disorders – Guidance on how to avoid triggers, stop self-sabotage, maintain

abstinence, and celebrate your successes “one day at a time”. As you move forward in recovery, Dr. Sam

will provide you with support that actually holds you accountable. If you have any other disorders that

are commonly associated with addiction, such as depression or anxiety, you will receive treatment for

those as well in order to help prevent relapse and enhance the joy of your newfound sobriety.

Adult ADD/ADHD – Treated with a combination of cognitive coping strategies and natural nutritional

supplements. You’ll be taught how to better manage your time and how to use your ADD/ADHD in

creative ways for your own benefit. Other possible treatments include neural feedback/brain training

and medication to improve your attention span and aid in impulse control.

Bipolar Disorder – Referral for mood-stabilizing medication and instruction on how to develop

consistent routines and sleep patterns as a way of warding off manic episodes.

Couples Therapy – Counseling on how to communicate more effectively and how to resolve conflict in a

positive manner. You will learn that by overcoming obstacles with your spouse as 18, you further solidify

the emotional bonds between the two of you.

Life Coaching – You will learn how to empower yourself to get out of your own way. You will also realize

benefits as you learn how to become better organized, balance your life and work, and unlock your own

hidden creativity.

Dr. Sam & Associates does not believe that therapy needs to be cold, impersonal, and detached. Part of

the reason that Doctor Sam’s patients do so well here is because Dr. Sam and her colleagues connect

with their clients one-on-one, human-to-human. That connection promotes trust and inspiration, two

pillars that support a healthy counselor/patient relationship.

Whether You Need Couples Counseling, Addiction Treatment, Life Coaching, Depression Options Or More, We Are Here To Listen And Actively Help.

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