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Neurofeedback: The Breakthrough You’ve Been Waiting For

What If Traditional Treatments Haven’t Worked For You? Anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, addictions, ADHD, learning and memory problems….these are just a few of the challenges just about everyone struggles with daily. Unfortunately, many are not responding well to traditional treatments like prescription medication or talk therapy, creating a vicious cycle of hope, then more despair when they fail.

Neurofeedback (also known as neurotherapy)- is the most advanced treatment available today for virtually every major mental and emotional problem. It is a painless, non-invasive, brain-based treatment which produces rapid results never before possible. It is FDA approved, and safely used for children, teens and adults.

Neurotherapy utilizes relaxing low energy brain stimulation which calms, energizes, and prepares the brain for deeper, faster change. From there, advanced neurofeedback methods permits you to see your brainwaves in action and allows you to “reset” them for greater mental health and performance. As hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide can attest, once the brain is reset through neurofeedback, their symptoms are eliminated, often permanently.

Neurofeedback Gets Exceptional Results With:

  • ADHD and ADD (The American Academy of Pediatrics has given it’s highest level of approval to neurofeedback for the non-drug treatment of ADD and hyperactivity)
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Head Injury
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Learning Disabilities


Real Neurofeedback Expertise for Optimal Results: Internationally recognized neurotherapy expert Michael Gismondi MA is Director of the DSA Neurofeedback Program. Mike has been a frontrunner in clinical practice, consulting, as well as research in the field of neurotherapy for over 20 years, as well as being an exceptional psychotherapist.

Treatment Protocols Tailored For You

The Brain Map: The first step in our process is to record a detailed map of your brain’s EEG patterns. This brain map along with an extensive clinical assessment is the key to a highly personalized treatment developed to meet your needs. At Dr. Sam and Associates, we utilize the most expert brain map interpretation available.

The Latest Technology: From there, we utilize a wide array of the latest neurofeedback and low energy brain stimulation techniques and systems. While most practitioners offer one or two different neurotherapy treatments regardless of the client’s problems, we offer one of the most extensive selections of the latest neurofeedback and low energy brain stimulation systems in the tri-state area.

With this winning duo of advanced expertise combined with the most updated selection of neurofeedback treatments, we are able to get the best results in the shortest number of sessions. At Dr. Sam and Associates, you can expect to complete 20-30 neurofeedback sessions to achieve optimal results, as opposed to most other programs where you may receive as many as 40-50.

At Dr. Sam and Associates, we are dedicated to bringing all available neurotherapy resources to bear for your success.

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