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A Unique Approach To Psychotherapy

Dr. Sam Describes Her Unique Approach To Mental Health and Wellness

Superior Strategies– The Fruits of Experience

My uniquely effective and inspiring approach to couples counseling and therapy for depression, anxiety, ADD and addiction results from over 20 years as a psychologist, working with countless clients to transform their lives.

Why Our Counseling Is So Different at DSA

Less Is More: Psychology has traditionally fostered the belief that therapy takes a long time. Yet it is my motto that people should spend only the amount of time they really need to in therapy, and then go back to their vastly improved lives. The process is ordinarily ten sessions, and sometimes even less.

We Don’t Just Listen: Second, we don’t just sit there while you solve your own problems! The old cliché about the psychologist asking only “How do you feel about that?” to a patient desperate for guidance has been true far too often! Both Cindy and I are extremely active participants in your therapy process, giving ample feedback as we focus on real solutions to your problems.

Good Thoughts Not Bad Feelings: Conventional psychotherapy has paid too much attention to venting negative thoughts and feelings. At DSA we believe that the only route to healing and feeling good is to develop better quality thought patterns . Our CBT Plus Counseling Model uses cognitive-behavioral therapy as it’s starting point but goes a step further to identify positive thoughts which form the foundation of sustained improvement and a happier life over time.

It May Be Your Hormones: Psychotherapy has traditionally drawn a dividing line between mind and body, as though one had nothing to do with the other! Yet modern medical studies of the past three decades continue to prove quite the opposite. At DSA we do a thorough review of your medical history for issues that can cause secondary mental health problems such as undiagnosed hypothyroidism, and other hormonal imbalances.

Mind and Spirit: We consider it vitally important to address an individual’s spiritual concerns in counseling and coaching, as these are often critical to healing and building a high quality life.

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