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Online Therapy

Maximum flexibility to meet each client’s needs is critical in my out-of-the-box approach to psychotherapy.  Historically, psychological counseling has been a rather rigid affair, with a stereotypic psychoanalytic model dictating how, when and where treatment was delivered:  the “patient” came three to four times a week for several years, lay on the analyst’s couch and dutifully “free associated” to the silent and serious analyst.  We can all picture poor Woody Allen spending half his life doing just that!  While the counseling field has clearly come a long way since then, the 45 to 50 minute in-person psychotherapy session remains the norm.

But who says sessions always have to be in person?  And why need your choice of a psychologist be dictated by geographic location?  What if you could simply choose the one who meets your criteria and needs the best? Why cancel a session because you can’t find a babysitter when you can see your therapist on your laptop?!!  Wouldn’t you love to be able to schedule a counseling session on your lunch hour without having to rush?

I am excited to online sessions using Skype, Facetime and Google Chat.  Using the webcam on your computer, ipad or iphone, you can participate in psychotherapy or coaching sessions from anywhere you are in the country or the world.  Online sessions yield  levels of emotional connection and productivity competitive with in-person appointments, with unparalleled convenience. The only requirement is access to a computer or tablet such as an ipad with WIFI.  You can even use the Skype and Facetime apps on your iphone!  Sometimes online sessions are interspersed with office visits as needed or desired.  In other cases, I will not actually meet you in person during the time we work together.  But I can assure you we will get to know each other very well!

Take a look at the video on the TV screen of my Unique Approach page and it will quickly become clear that I am very comfortable in this format.  This is the same degree of comfort and energetic presence that I bring to my webcam sessions conducted on Skype, Facetime and Google Chat.

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