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Our clients are enthusiastic about us because they have gotten real results in their lives with Dr. Sam’s unique approach. They also feel very connected and truly understood because we are real people who actually care about you. And you are guaranteed to feel it!

On this website, we have featured just a few written testimonials out of over a hundred glowing ones received over the last several years. And countless, 5 star reviews can be found throughout the web.

But the very best way for us to show you how satisfied our clients are is with these real video interviews. See for yourself how Dr. Sam and Associates can help you today!

Written Testimonials

After being committed to numerous institutions and rehabs, and seeing multiple psychologists, the thought of happiness was a distant possibility for me.  By the time I met Dr. Sam, I was in the grips of my addiction, and believed there was no other way for me to live.  I had lost all sense of direction, and Dr. Sam helped me uncover many layers of my emotional pain to help me get a new perspective on my life.

Dr. Sam’s therapeutic techniques and personality is truly a gift and a talent.  The dedication, devotion and confidence that I received from her have been vital to my recovery.  With all of her support and guidance, I am capable of overcoming my addiction one day at a time.  Not only is Dr. Sam my psychologist and savior, but most importantly, she is my mentor. With all of her encouragement and support, I have been clean for almost two years now. I also got married to a wonderful man, and finally graduated from college.  I am planning to attend graduate school to become a psychologist specializing in addiction, just like Dr. Sam.

For the first time in my life, I can truly say I am happy. –Jessica M.

Counseling and later coaching with Dr. Sam has been nothing short of a godsend in my life and in my struggle with ADHD. Having been diagnosed 14 years ago at age 14, I never received proper treatment. I’ve had tremendous difficulty in all of my adult years finding my place. Trying to “figure out a solution” for who I was, feeling as though I were some unsolvable equation, doesn’t exactly do wonders for anyone’s self esteem… Over a mere few months working with her, my attitude towards life, my relationships, and myself has dramatically changed. -Sandra L.

My husband and I have been seen Dr. Sam both for individual as well as marital counseling. Dr. Sam is in the top of her field. I have never been to a professional like her. She is more than a psychologist. She is a life coach and mentor. I felt an immediate connection with Dr. Sam because of her compassion and desire to truly relate to my emotions and goals. She has inspired me to find my inner truth. Her compassion alone is healing in and of itself. In addition, Dr. Sam uses a multidiscplinary approach in her practice, combining traditional psychotherapy with holistic and metaphysical positive thinking. To put it simply, Dr. Sam has an arsenal of resources to support your healing.  No matter what issue or issues you are struggling with, you simply cannot fail and what’sbetter, you will not want to fail. That’s true inspiration.

Dr. Sam has helped me to heal my life, my family and for that, I am blessed to have found her. –Corrine S.

I never really knew what people meant when they said someone “was the answer to their prayers” until I met Dr. Sam. For almost 15 years I had been searching for solutions to my problems, and never found any answers; all I had were my coping mechanisms to rely on. I had been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, binge-eating disorder, and ADD, in addition to a bunch of physical ailments such as irritable bowel and skin picking disorder, but still had no practical solutions to these issues other than medication. As a person working in the high-pressure medical industry, my coping mechanisms had run dry, and I was at my absolute breaking point when I discovered Dr. Sam – I was at the point of being suicidal. I had no hope. Who could help me?

Dr. Sam was the answer to all of my issues. She takes an approach that most other psychologists do not, looking at her patients from a truly holistic perspective: she will assess patients for underlying medical problems that can cause psychological issues, she will diagnose the actual psychological issue(s) (in my case, ADHD), and most importantly, the coaching perspective, where she gives practical solutions to address the issues in your life head-on. This multifaceted approach is a rarity in the psychological field, and saved my life.

Dr. Sam takes an active, personal approach with her patients – she becomes a true mentor that provides feasible solutions to issues that once seemed insurmountable. Therapy is not meant to be a lifelong approach – it is meant to be a solution to an issue, and solutions are not intended to last for a decade, which seems to be the standard in the “therapy world.”  Dr. Sam, in other words, delivers what she promises – feasible solutions for her patients in a reasonable amount of time so people can move on with their happy lives.

With Dr. Sam’s support I am now the happiest I have been in my entire life – I never thought I could be in such a great place emotionally and physically. I am medication free now. She has truly saved my life. My only regret is that I did find her earlier! -Sarah K.

From the moment that I first stepped into her office, I felt that I had arrived at a place of healing and hope. With Dr. Sam´s guidance and specific techniques and concrete exercises to practice, for the first time I began to feel as though I was able to regain a sense of control in my life…. regard Dr Sam as a consummate professional, readily accessible to her clients. She shows a deep and caring interest, and is uniquely creative and thoughtful in her manner of treatment. Her perceptive diagnosis in my case was a literal lifesaver. What good fortune it was for me to have become her client. She has given me hope and a future. -Dorothy F.

Dr. Sam epitomizes the ideal of what an outstanding psychotherapist should be. She doesn´t just sit back and listen; she actively and constructively participates in every therapeutic session. She is a caring and sensitive person who always gives constructive advice about how to resolve our conflicts and deal with the issues that trouble us. She is like a wise member of our family whose advice and counseling is objective and heartfelt. -Ira and Ilene L.

Dr. Sam has been a paramount motivational force in my son´s recovery from drug abuse. Furthermore, through her caring advice and guidance, my family has grown closer together and continues to develop the strength and courage that has restored our relationships. In every possible circumstance, she has always approached our life problems with sensitivity, encouragement, and above all, professionalism. Our confidence has prompted my wife and I to refer her practice to several friends in need of therapy. I must convey my utmost appreciation and gratitude for Dr. Sam´s appropriately discerning recommendations. She has never let us down. I write these words with heartfelt sincerity. -Charles B.

Much of my personal and career success can be attributed to the stability I have achieved as a result of my therapy sessions with Dr. Sam. I can attest not only to the quality of my care, but to her character, as well. My career in the medical field has allowed me to meet many behavioral health professionals. I am confident that very few have the level of clinical diagnostic and therapeutic skill as well as dedication to patients that she has.  Dr. Sam´s evaluation of the various factors affecting my mental health was more comprehensive than any I had previously received, resulting in treatment not only more effective, but superior by far. While maintaining strict professionalism, she has boundless compassion. -Elizabeth G.

The quality of care I have received has been outstanding and by any measure would be viewed as extraordinary. Dr Sam has consistently guided me and encouraged me to grow beyond anything I thought possible. The thought and care that she devotes to her practice, and in particular, her attention to creating a warm, safe environment, has particularly helped me overcome some things I never thought I would be able to do. -Michael S.

I was referred to Dr. Sam by a personal friend that happens to be a therapist as well. It didn’t take long for me to realize I was in the right place. I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and that 12 step program is almost my instruction manual for life. Dr. Sam is well versed in the tenets of Twelve Step Recovery, which unfortunately is rarely the case for many heath care professionals. Dr. Sam was able to help me identify what was interfering with my peace of mind and integrated multiple modalities of therapy in our sessions with the primary focus being Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I was always a believer in my frame of mind is determined by my thoughts and she helped me to reconstruct my thought patterns so that my overall attitude would improve.  Most important of all Dr. Sam encouraged me to move on so my treatment lasted around six months. The door is always open. I even heard from her about two months afterwards to see how I was doing.  If you are looking for an intuitive, compassionate, and dedicated therapist I urge you to contact Dr. Sam Von Reiche!” -David N.

“I highly recommend Dr. Sam. She is a great combination of the clinical, the intuitive/spiritual, and the down-to-earth and practical. She guided me through a difficult time, helped me to work on my strengths and get on with things. I have a much better understanding of myself and my relationships with others as a result of her guidance. Despite the pain and tears I sometime experienced discussing my problems, I actually looked forward to seeing Sam.  It was always illuminating.” -Andrea S.

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